Carles Ramos i Portas is an Art Psychotherapist based in Barcelona, Spain. In 1999, he founded the University of Barcelona’s MA in Art Therapy and is a founder member of the Spanish Association of Art Therapìsts. He is Director of the Metàfora Centre and of its Masters in Art Therapy. He has a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, a Dip Art Education, University of Barcelona, and a PGDip in Art Psychotherapy, from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London.

Between 1980 and 1991 he was director of L’Estudi, an art school in Barcelona. Since 1994, he combines clinical work with teaching activities and supervision of art therapists, health professionals, and teachers. Prior to 1997, he worked as an art therapist in various centers of mental health with children and adults in the NHS. Once back in Barcelona in 1997, he continued working as an art therapist with different client groups in private practice and taught art and art therapy in different settings, as well as supervised art therapists since 1997.

Promoter of art therapy in Spanish-speaking countries, he designed the first masters degree in this field in Spain, organized in 2006 the first Congress of the Arts Therapies of Spain, is a founding member and ex-president of ATe, and has represented Barcelona on many occasions in the European Consortium of Arts Therapies in Education (Ecarte).

Actively involved in the design of educational activities, lectures, courses, organizing conferences and seminars to disseminate art therapy with different groups has participated in numerous congresses and events all around the world.