Introduction to Art Therapy

Course Overview

Are you interested in personal growth, new insight and working creatively with others? This course is designed to introduce you to the use of art in therapy and is suited to you if you are considering training as an Art Therapist, either as a new career or as a supplement to work you do already. It is also an ideal starting point if your interest is primarily in the personal development benefits of reflective art practise. 

The course introduces you to the professional contexts of art therapy, its origins, and development. It introduces some of the fundamental concepts of art therapy and presents high quality video case studies from practitioners and clients. The learning material is a mix of narration, slides, video, images and exercises and is based on our experience of training art therapists over many years, both in the UK and in other countries. Our faculty is made up of global leaders in the field, who continue to work as art psychotherapists, community artists, and psychotherapists, in addition to pursuing academic interests. 

The units for this course are:

  •  Module 1 – What is Art Therapy?
  •  Module 2, Part 1 – The Art in Art Therapy
  • Module 2, Part 2 – What Happens in an Art Therapy Session?
  • Module 2, Part 3 – What Do Art Therapists Do?
  • Module 3 – Practical Considerations
  • Module 4 – Professional and Ethical Considerations
  •  Video Case Study: Art Therapy with a Child
  •  Video Case Study: Maggie

The course does not qualify you to practise as an Art Therapist but is an important first step in exploring the profession and is a prerequisite to and forms the first part of our Foundation Course in Art Therapy.

The Introduction is made up of a number of modules and successful completion of these will give you a certificate of completion from the Oxford College of Arts and Therapies. The course will take about five hours in total, including the four module films, giving yourself time for the practical exercises, and for viewing and reflecting upon the case study films.

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Course Details

Course Duration 6 Hours
Number of Lessons 7