CPD: When thinking fails: Mentalization-based art therapy groups

Course Overview

When thinking fails: Mentalization-based art therapy groups

This short course is a filmed lecture by Dr Neil Springham who introduces some of the emerging evidence on how trauma such as neglect and abuse affects brain functioning. Dr Springham explains how this impacts on people’s ability to make and sustain close relationships with others and has a detrimental impact on quality of life and wellbeing. Learning to mentalize, described as ‘feeling whilst thinking about feeling’ is a first step for people who have experienced trauma towards regaining the ability to think, feel and relate to others. Dr Springham explains how to integrate a mentalizing approach within art therapy groups.

In this short course, you will learn about:

  • The human brain evolution and how trauma is processed
  • What mentalizing is
  • The difference between a mentalization-based and psychodynamic group approach
  • How to structure and lead a mentalization-based art therapy group

You will also access:

  • Printable handouts which you can use during the lecture
  • An article on mentalizing to support your learning
  • A list of recommended further reading

The content of this course qualifies as a Continuing Professional Development activity and you will be able to download your CPD certificate on completion. It includes one hour of taught material and consultation of handouts and one hour of article reading time.

Course Details

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