CPD: Studio and Open Groups

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn in detail about studio and open art therapy groups. The course covers:

  • The differences between studio and open group types
  • The concepts and practice of dynamic administration
  • Structural and boundary differences in group types
  • Best practices for each type of group, including referrals, integration of approaches (directive, interactive, non-directive), observational skills, enabling engagement in art making, how to discuss artworks, group theory and practice challenges, and co-working.

The course has three modules, the last of which has two parts:

  • Module 1: Studio and Open Art Therapy Groups
  • Module 2: Dynamic Administration
  • Module 3, Part 1: Best practice
  • Module 3, Part 2: Best practice (continued)

There are also three handouts:

  • A Studio and Open Groups Factsheet
  • A Guide to Dynamic Administration
  • Dynamic Administration: Organisational Diagram

This course is available for only £50 and on completion, you will receive a certificate for use in showing your Continued Professional Development (90 minutes).

Course Details

Course Duration
Number of Lessons