CPD: Group Leadership Style: Reflective practice exercise

Course Overview

Group leadership style: Reflective practice exercise

This course is a filmed lecture by Dr Neil Springham to help learners reflect on how their attachments and previous experiences of groups may influence their leadership styles in groups. Dr Springham explains what reflective practice is, the importance of auto-biographical competence and the specific role that art can play in both.  Dr Springham describes the different steps of a practical exercise on learner’s auto-biography with groups and how this impacts on roles and leadership in groups. Dr Springham illustrates the exercise with his own images and experience.

In this short course, you will learn about:

  • The role of reflective practice
  • The steps of an art-based exercise on your auto-biography with groups
  • The steps of a reflective process to make links with your role within groups
  • How this works in practice through Dr Springham’ s example

You will access a printable handout of the exercise and reflective practice process.

The content of this course qualifies as a Continuing Professional Development activity and you will be able to download your CPD certificate on completion. The course duration is one hour which includes lecture and reflective exercise.


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