Art Therapy Foundation

Course Overview

This 10 hour course is intended for people who may be thinking about becoming an Art Therapist, as a career. It is an important building block for further training and to the path of formal accreditation.  The course is also valuable for health and social care workers who would like to develop an understanding of art within their different work contexts; how using art might help their clients.

The course offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of art therapy with different client groups. It features videos of practitioners discussing their work in those contexts. It also goes deeper than the Introduction course in exploring the theoretical background to art therapy, as well as looking at subjects such as boundaries, safety, self-reflection, interpretation, judgment/non-judgment, and ethical considerations.

This course also asks students to pause their sessions to make art of their own and to reflect on key questions based on the course content. You don’t have to have had previous formal experience of art making but it is important to your learning to take part.

You can take the online course at your own speed and those completing the course will receive a Certificate of Completion which can be used as part of a student’s application for a University degree programme.

The course will take about ten hours in total, including all the main modules, time for the practical exercises and reflection upon them, and for viewing and reflecting upon the case study films.

Only £75

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